Start A Singing Telegram Business

American Singing Telegrams of Las Vegas Since 1978
American Singing Telegrams of Las Vegas Since 1978
American Singing Telegrams of Las Vegas Since 1978
American Singing Telegrams of Las Vegas Since 1978

Martin Howard goes to work everyday dressed as a male bunny, cupid, gorilla, Prince Charming, Uncle Sam, or as any one of 16 other characters depending on what the
customer wants.

Mr. Howard is President of American Singing Telegrams, based in Las Vegas and performs anytime of the day or night surprising people all along the Las Vegas strip in casinos, hotels, and restaurants,and homes… just about anywhere.

In 1978 Marty was a night club performer and wanted to incorporate entertainment with a business that he could enjoy. So, what better gift to give someone than a stripper-gram, belly-gram, or romantic-gram for a wedding, Bar Mitzvah, Father’s Day or even divorce.

Although he didn’t originate the idea of singing messages, Marty innovated on the original concept developing 20 characters. Marty says, “We don’t just sing a telegram, we deliver an act;  we get ’em good for the customer.”

“The business is basically in a gift giving-entertainment format. The service is used to honor an individual, whether they are a client, employee, employer, family member, or lover. American Singing Telegrams has delivered to thousands of parties. It’s great; if at the last minute you’ve forgotten to get a gift, the service can be provided on a moments notice. What about the guy in the hospital, everybody sends flowers, that’s the usual, why not send a singing telegram to pep ’em up; and how about that someone in another state having a baby, let a singing cupid deliver your congratulations. Designer of all the costumes and writer of over 20 message-songs, Martin Howard boasts of 400 variations of message acts.

Martin Howard has perfected the singing telegram business and states, “that with a profit margin of 20% to 35% and the fact that someone can start an operation out of their home, it becomes an opportunity one can’t afford to pass up. Marty will train you on the job and assist you endlessly in starting your operation. Kits have a starting cost beginning at $5,000 including songs, office and advertising forms, marketing and promotional concepts, hiring guidelines, along with 30 years of “know-how” to get you started. Costumes are bought separately depending on what you need in one’s area to start with. Marty recommends starting with at least 20 costumes.

Costumes are sold to the buyer at 10% lower than regular retail or market value. Marty will order the costumes of your choice in for you and charge 10% less than you can pay for them anywhere else.You are also welcome to create your own characters or purchase them elsewhere. Marty feels in most cases that the money you will save in just buying the costumes, through American, over time, will probably pay the cost of the initial $5000 to start.

Marty’s package is NOT a franchise with royalties every month, but instead a kit. By which, you can own your own business under your own name. You can even become an American Singing Telegram affiliate and join the network of business telegrams, if you wish.

Anyone that wants to own a little bit of show biz in their own town can contact Marty Howard, President and National Marketing Director of American Singing Telegrams at (702) 671-0117, or write to American Singing Telegrams, 390 W Sahara Ave, Las Vegas, Nevada 89102, and remember what Marty Howard says, “Get ’em good with an American Singing Telegram.”

“It’s a memory that lasts a lifetime.”