Surprise Singing Telegrams

Presenting your next greeting can be a bit more challenging in this age when a tweet can lack sincerity, and the usual Tumblr art may lack a dash of originality. Even so, a greeting card simply won’t do, so what better way to send your greetings than with a surprising shebang from the American Singing Telegrams? Astounding your loved ones and getting those greetings through, the American Singing Telegrams revolutionizes the way happy birthdays, happy anniversaries and congratulations are said! Having been featured in the most-acclaimed channels, NBC, FOX, CNN, even the Today Show are all fans of its service. Originating from New York City, the American Singing Telegrams is comprised of highly-talented performers, and serves the entire country including the most far-flung of areas. Boston, Chicago, the whole of California, Florida, Denver, Miami and Houston are just some of its frequented areas, not to mention the expanding entertainment centers of Hollywood, Las Vegas, Los Angeles and Studio City. Since 1979, the American Singing Telegrams has been creating its unique brand of singing telegram entertainment, adding a personal touch with hand-picked entertainers, impersonators and singers that go for laughs, fun embarrassment and applause. Celebrity Gram specialists include the likes of Sinatra, Elvis, and Marilyn Monroe, sure to bring a smile with their tailored telegram of the highest quality, featuring nationwide talent brought anywhere. The American Singing Telegram guarantee is of a greeting memory to last a lifetime; though it may include clowns, magicians, gag gifts, and whatever-out-of-the-cake directly to your chosen recipient’s door. If it’s laughter you’re after, American Singing Telegrams can set the tone.